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What is solo ad & how does it work?

Solo ad is a marketing method where you pay someone (a solo ad vendor) who has an email list of subscribers to advertise your products to their subscribers.

Solo ads are used primarily to build up an email list FAST and then refer and sell something to that email list. To further illustrate…

Let’s say you have a website about Crypto Currencies which collects visitor’s email addresses, then you refer and sell products to those subscribers and earn commissions.

Because you need more people to visit that website, you then find a solo ad seller who has an email list of people interested in buying Crypto Currencies. You pay the vendor so they email their list advertising your website.

By doing so, you can build a huge email list very quickly, which can provide excellent rewards in the short and long run. Additionally, you can technically make a lot of money very quickly (if your new subscribers buy from you) …and besides just selling, you can actually use your email list for SEO purposes.

VMK Click Packages


  • 2,000 Unique
  • $0.42 Per Click
  • 90% T1 Minimum
  • $840 One Time


  • 1,000 Unique
  • $0.45 Per Click
  • 90% T1 Minimum
  • $450 One Time


  • 500 Unique
  •  $0.52 Per Click
  • 90% T1 Minimum
  • $260 One Time

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TIER 1 ONLY - 500

  • 500 Unique
  •  $0.78 Per Click
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • $390 ONE TIME

TIER 1 ONLY - 200

  • 200 Unique
  • $0.90 Per Click
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • $180 ONE TIME

TOP TIER 1 - 100

  • 100 Unique
  • $0.93 Per Click
  • 100% Top Tier Traffic
  • $93 ONE TIME

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Terms and Conditions

I will work hard to ensure your satisfaction through my Triple Traffic Guarantee. However, so many factors are to be considered when it comes to making sales with your traffic including but not limited to the design and copy of your opt-in and sales pages, your vsl, the offer itself, many factors I don’t have control over, so I don’t guarantee sales from my traffic.

Your order will start within 24 hours of order submission. You will receive an email from me notifying you it started and another one notifying you it ended.
If I don’t feel your offer is a good fit with my audience, your order will be refunded. If you’re not sure, email me your details so I can approve it.

You will receive a minimum of 80% top tier traffic and 20% world wide traffic. The price above is for 80% top tier traffic only unless specified otherwise in the pricing area or via direct email to you. If you’re promoting an USA/North America exclusive offer, please contact me for a price proposal.

I reserve the right to use my own email creative/email swipe If you insist on me using your creative. If you want to provide an email copy, please email it to me ahead of time.