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Hey my friend,

My name is Videgla M. Kpodo (aka VK) founder of VMK Marketing. I want to officially welcome you to my website. Building my own internet business has been my passion since I started working because I realized that the 9-to-5 drone is not going to take me anywhere close to my dreams.

My Affiliate Marketing Journey

A few years ago, I decided to work toward building a business that can free me from my 9-to-5 job. I wanted to build and grow a successful affiliate marketing business online. Being born outside the United States, I was having communication issues due to the language barrier, but I knew I got to do something, or nothing will change.

When I got started, I didn’t want to invest in myself, or I didn’t have the kind of money online mentors were requesting from me. I was struggling to pay my bills and put food on the table. I thought I could watch YouTube videos here and there and make big paycheck working from home. I came across online survey jobs that I spent so many hours per day doing, but never had anything to show for it except a few dollars here and there.

Finding that online survey jobs are not going to get me rich, I started looking for better ways to work from home. That’s how I learnt about affiliate marketing which is a business model where you don’t create your own products and services but promote other people’s products and services to get paid a commission based on your sales.

If you are on this page, I can say that I know a little about you. Maybe…

  • You are just starting and don’t know where to start from to guarantee your success online.
  • You found your way out and got started but need some help to know how to market effectively and profitably.
  • You have done a lot and believe that could have been giving you result but still making close to nothing online and you are frustrated.

Let me tell you this: I know what that feeling looks like. I’ve been there; at that same place but today guess what: I made it.

You Don’t Need To Be Special To Make It Online

What I consider to be good news for you today is that I wasn’t special; not even close. I was an ordinary person earning $31,500 annual income. My success came from my decision to be consistent and to do whatever it takes to make it work.

Here’s how it all started. One day, I saw an ad from AWOL Academy (today, Fullstaq Marketer) on YouTube, promoting a webinar. I clicked the link but took no action. I was then re-targeted, so I started seeing their ad everywhere on the Internet reminding me I didn’t complete my registration.

I end up registering and bought their introductory course for $99. I noticed they had back-end products with in-depth training, but I decided not to invest in those. “I can find my way out using the introductory course” I believed.

I started my online journey, putting my link everywhere on social media, got my Facebook account shut down more than three times. I was jumping from one program to another, making close to nothing online.

In my first year, I spent $2695.14 on Facebook ad, $315.49 on Google Ad with no return on investment.

The second year, I spent $6017 on advertisement but this time I made $2492 back. It was better but I still lost $3,500 that year. Only today I can see that I was doing everything wrong and that there is a better way.

The above numbers are nowhere close to what other aspiring online business owners are losing out there, and here is my advice: Do not spend money on paid advertising until you know what you are doing

The biggest mistake we all make when we start this online journey is trying to figure things out on our own. As you can see that way of doing things costed me two good years and thousands of dollars that are gone forever. I hope you are different.

But I fortunately joined, in my third year, a High-ticket affiliate training platform where I learned new things and became a new me. Since then, I became unstoppable and understood that the fastest way to make this online business thing work is to learn from people who’ve been there and done that same thing you want to do, not from our own trials, errors and failures because it takes years.

Today, I can’t believe that I’m creating the life of freedom I always dream about and determined more than ever to show others how to do the same and build a profitable business online. That’s why I created VMK Marketing which objective is to educate and inspire people all over the world so they can successfully start and grow their online businesses and become the “financially free” people they’ve always wanted to be.

As I explained above you may…

  • Be just starting and don’t know where to start from to guarantee your success online or
  • Have found your way out and got started but need some help to know how to market effectively and profitably or
  • Have done a lot and believe that could have been giving you result but still making close to nothing online and you are frustrated.

Let me tell you this: I know what that feeling looks like. I’ve been there; at that same place but today guess what,

I made it.

The process is simple and easy, but not as simple as you may think. You will find it easy and simple only if you

  • spend some time learning and applying new skills
  • create content in form of videos or blog posts using platforms that has proven to be the best platforms in the industry
  • automate the majority of your daily activities, letting software and applications do the work for you.

Otherwise, you’ll get tired and give up building your dreams before your business is ready to give you result because there are a lot that goes into building a successful affiliate business: time, skills, abilities and knowledge.

Talking about automation tools, the problem I faced, and most people are still going through this, is that there a lot to choose from and you don’t know which one will do the work for you and at the same time save you money. Consequently, you will be losing money here and there looking for the right tools for your small business. I’ve been there and I know some of them are pretty good, some of them are okay to use, and some others are quite dangerous for your business.

Here’s The Whole Point When Using Online Tools.

Simple-steps-to-a-6-figure-business-with-affiliate-marketingThere’s no point spending your precious time and tons of money on online business tools that are not going to help you run your business. If you are new to affiliate marketing, falling into that trap is very easy. On this website, you will see a clear road map to follow so you stop wasting time and money and put all your efforts into what is necessary and what really works.

There is a saying: “Help the surrounding people grow and you will grow by default” in which I believe. Here on, I show you the way to a simple but complete and profitable affiliate marketing business, I provide you with in-depth reviews of the best small business tools like email marketing software, page and funnel builders, tracking software and many more… so you can make an informed decision before you use any online tools to grow your business.

This will lead to more time for you to focus on growing your business, better campaign results, and ultimately more money into your bank account. So, have a look around and if you ever have anything to share in respect to starting and growing an online business, choosing the right online business tools to grow your business, I would love to hear it.

Use the comment section below to reach out to me with questions or you can simply send me an email at

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and have a great rest of your day!

– Videgla M. Kpodo

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  1. Hi VK,
    I really appreciate your concern for the newbies and the struggling marketers like me and many. I enjoyed reading your article on ‘about me’. It really opened my mind to possibilities of making affiliate marketing a long-term career where you have no retirement age, and no boss to answer.

    Working for oneself and becoming self-reliant is the finest way of attaining true ‘FREEDOM’. God has given us one life and we have to make the best possible out of it and give him our best gift for giving us this wonderful life.

    You are true, very open-minded and speak with lot of gut and authority i liked it and this is what made me read the entire article word-by-word and assimilate the information which gave me hopes and enlightenment.

    I started affiliate marketing 2 years ago and still struggling and wasted lot of money and time on useless products and bogus guru hash products. Now i have stopped jumping around and closed my eyes on any shiny object that keep creeping everyday, because ultimately the gurus want to line up their pockets and less care for others.

    I keep reading your articles and watching your youtube videos. Please keep up the good work and through your years of experience you are the right person capable enough to teach anyone on affiliate marketing.


    1. Hey Sharan,

      I love reading your positive comment on my post. Comments like this one give me strength and motivation to keep helping.
      We all know that I’m not doing this for free but I’m not selling either, because I know I will make even more money buy helping
      others than selling.
      Thank you for your support and feel free to share this website content with your friends and family if you think
      it will help them start and grow a successful business online.

      Thanks again for your time on my website and I hope to see you around very often!
      – Videgla

  2. I can see you know the ins and outs of affiliate marketing yourself because you have done it and you’re making a fortune from it. Just like you, I have wandered the internet looking for free ways to make money online but I was fortunate enough not to spend on products or services that will not help me because I had the basic understanding of affiliate marketing. I have actually been doing research for it for several years so I knew what it takes to get started, an average of money I should invest and a foresight of how long it would take before I’ll see the profits coming in.

    I agree with you that the best way to make money online is to provide value; help those who need help and get paid. As simple as that but it’s way more than that. It takes enough learning, action, consistency and patience. So I am about to get involved in affiliate marketing.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. You’re right, MrBiizy. PROVIDING VALUE is what will make you the most money working from home.

      Value is provided in form of videos (on YouTube) blog posts (like this one) etc…and you can’t teach others what you don’t know, so there’s a need to learn (as you said).

      Also, this method does not give you instant result, which requires you to be patient while taking action and being consistent in posting on your website or making new videos.

      I hope this helped!

  3. Hi Videgla, thank you for sharing your online venture with us. Your online journey is so rich and full of success and failure , but at the end you won. It ‘s very encouraging for newbies like me. Truly you really focus on winning!

    Thank you so much and success in your business!

    1. You are very welcome, EVA. I really appreciate the time you spent on my website today. Thank you and have a great day.

  4. Hello VK, 

    I have to say, this is such a timely message. This clearly addresses the issues of beginners. The online business world is such a massive one that it can be overwhelming to pinpoint the useful tools 🛠 and avoid the time wasters. I know from experience how difficult it can be. I believe the most useful skill I picked up was my willingness to spend some time learning and applying everything I learnt.

    Thanks for sharing 

    1. Hey Rhain,

      Thank you for your comment. I know you are right on spending some time learning and applying new things. Most people don’t want to do that because it doesn’t pay instant money. But if you do, you will see that affiliate marketing is simple and fun.

      If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask and I will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

      Thank you again and have a great day!

  5. shariful islam says:

    Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I have learned a lot by reading your article.I have seen free YouTube pay tutorials on how to make money online, which wastes my time and money.I think a good platform is needed to achieve success if you can do it from home.By doing this I can give my family time.

    1. Thank you for your time on my website today. Feel free to get back to me with questions if you need my help. See you soon.

  6. Nimrodngy says:

    Hello. Welcome to this affiliate marketing world. I really enjoyed reading your article about you and I can say that I felt as if someone had described me. Your story is amazing and I want to say that I really appreciate  the peoples who talk so honestly about them and try to teach others. Now I can say that you have become an example to me, and your website has definitely made its place in my favorites list. Affiliate marketing in my opinion is the best way to make money online and the way to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur.
    I wish you good luck and a happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much for your positive comment on my post. Reading your well-chosen words in your comment really makes my day. I appreciate your time and hope to see you around very often. Talk soon!

  7. I appreciate that you shared your story with us. I was more fortunate: I ruled it right in WA, without going through unpleasant experiences or losing money. But I do not know how long it will take to get decent traffic. Although I’m first on google, yahoo and bing (or the second, depending on the day), my traffic is between 20 and 85 visitors daily.

    Deschideți în Google Traducere

    1. I’m happy your posts are already ranking. The amount of traffic you get depends on the keywords you are ranking for. You will see an increase as you write more content on your website. Thank you for the time you spent on my website today. I hope to see you around very often.

  8. Wow, this is really an encouragement to some of us that are beginners to affiliate marketing. I’m pretty new to this business model, and I hope that one day things will turn around for me.

    I have disciplined myself to be determine, work harder and stay focus. I want to also be like others that will tell people about my story. After multiple failures before you joined the High-ticket affiliate training platform, how long did it take you before you started having that life of freedom? I know that it can’t be same with others, but just to get a glimpse will be helpful for me to estimate my success too.

    1. Hey Kell, I’m happy to have you here. The time it will take you to start having results depends on the actions you take. If you have money to spend on tools and on paid advertising, it will happen faster than if you are using organic traffic which by the way has the highest return on investment – ROI.

      Today I focus on making videos on YouTube and posting blogs, and I know if I started my journey that way, I would be having more success than I’m having now.

      I spent 2 years without any success except that I was becoming more experienced than ever. So, when I joined Legendary Marketer, all I needed is a good source of traffic and the result started coming in in a matter of weeks. I’m not promising you anything here but you will only fail if you quit.

      I hope you found this answer helpful.

  9. primoz pticak says:

    Hi! Nice article, I have a question though – did you quit your 9 – 5 job, because you harvested a succes? And if so, was this the only platform you used to gain success, or did other helped you as well? I have a one year old site, mainly I write on my blog space, and I already know I’m on the right path, because I now, at this moment I’m  earning 100 – 200$ per month, and I maybe know just 10% of everything I believe should know? I am asking you because i browsed through different platforms, but the only competent one is WA, which I am a subscriber for more than a year.


    Primoz P.

    1. Hey my friend, thank you for your question. I’m still working for someone earning close to $60,000 per year because it doesn’t keep me from working on my business and it doesn’t get me tired either. I just answer calls and help customers find a better way to do business with the company.

      Plus, I want to be earning 3x my current income ( from my job) consistently for one year before I can plan to quit.

      I found that the fastest way to increase my revenue very quickly is to sell high-ticket products paying over $997 in commission per sale. That’s what Legendary Marketer is doing for me. Once I refer a customer through a low front end sale, I will just sit back and earn commission (up to $4000 per sale) on whatever sales happen in the back end.

      I was using solo ad agencies (still doing it) to drive traffic to my offers until about 6 months ago I decided to create a YouTube channel and later a blog website by joining WA.

      I’m still using paid ad but the return on investment – ROI is higher for organic traffic than paid ad. That’s why I’m here.

      – Videgla

  10. I’m extremely happy to see individuals roused by substantially more than just cash.

    I wish you the best. I can identify with your chronicles as the battles of humanity are as comparable as the fantasies they seek after.

    One of the most troublesome obstructions to go over is the absence of confidence from your dearest ones. On the off chance that somebody doesn’t have any acquaintance with you it is straightforward this absence of help. The consistent with be advised is that everybody is happy to consider you to be great and rich as you can (yet non might want to see you preferred neither wealthier over themselves).

    Flaunting your latent capacity will consistently be great before the mirrors, in the interim get as concentrated on your stuff as getting visually impaired with respect to what’s around you.

    1. Thank you for your time. Feel free to come back with questions and I will be happy to get back to you as soon as possible.

  11. Bob Lynch says:

    Hi VK, thanks for the very interesting and informative article.  As you stated, the best way to learn is from someone who’s been there and done that.  I can attest to that fact first hand.  I lost a lot more money than you while trying to do it on my own and taking bits of information here and there, only to end up in the same place each time–broke.  I’m glad to know you’ve made it, especially knowing about your language barrier issue. You’re speaking my language and to my specialty.  Keep up the good work.


    1. Hey Bob, I’m thankful for your contribution and the time you took to read and comment on my post. I really appreciate it and hope to see around very often. Talk soon.

  12. Thanks for this great review on how to go about the affiliate marketing program,about some months ago I got started with the affiliate marketing program just because I resigned my work to get time for my self and my family , so at first I do not really have the chance to invest on it because I was not sure of it ,I had a couple some trainings and then I got started , thanks a lot for this post it will really go along way ,thanks 

    1. Rose, I’m happy you joined this wonderful family of online marketers. The only thing I can tell you is to stick to the training and you will surely find your way out. I wish you all the best.

  13. Henderson says:

    It’s always good to learn new stuff from new people and learning this from you can be nothing but a total beauty. I didn’t know before that surveys are not so lucrative because I have started setting sight on it as a means of making a living. Happy to see you have started a great journey. I wish you the best with this. Cheers!

    1. Thank you for your time and feel free to come back with any questions at any time.

  14. Parameter says:

    Hello Videgla,
    I have a story close to your own; I started my online business searching for freelance jobs in content writing, data entry, and research. Thought I could succeed myself, I used several free youtube pieces of training, but it was a waste of time and money. To succeed, one needs a good platform and that will guide one through all that it takes.
    Thank you for creating the work from home; “How to build a high-ticket and high-profit online business”.

    1. You’re welcome, my friend! I’m thankful for the time you took to read and comment on my new post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  15. Juan Saladin says:

    I’m really glad to see people motivated by much more than just money.

    I wish you the best. I can relate to your histories as the struggles of man kind are as similar as the dreams they pursue.

    One of the most difficult barriers to go over is the lack of faith from your beloved ones. If someone doesn’t know you it would be easy to understand this lack of support. The true to be told is that everyone is willing to see you as good and wealthy as you can (but non would like to see you better neither wealthier than themselves).

    Showing off your potential will always be good in front of the mirrors, meanwhile get as focused on your stuff as getting blind in regards to what’s around you.

    Go for it, and once you go, don’t allow anything to get in your way.

    1. You are so right, my friend. Thank you for you support and advice. I hope to see you around very often.

  16. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  I really enjoyed reading your story and seeing where you have come from, and how you have come to be so successful!!  That is awesome!  Do you think that this site can help me?  I have a lot of student debt and I need a lot of money to pay it back?  Would I be able to make enough to pay back over 100000 dollars of student debt?

    1. Jessie, let me say upfront that it’s possible but it’s not going to happen overnight. It takes time, skills, abilities and knowledge. If you invest money into it, it will take less time for you to have success online. Using the free ways takes longer. Nothing here should discourage you though.

      It’s also important to promote high-ticket products. It speeds up the process. The top affiliate of the high-ticket program I promote made 1 million Dollars in 18 months with just one program. I’m not promising you anything here because I don’t know the effort you’re going to put into this, but you will only fail if you give up. Stay focused! 

  17. Hi Videgla,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and I got great insights.

    Indeed, without prior experience or without adequate knowledge we will lose money with paid ads. I do agree with you instead of trying to figuring it on our own it is advisable to learn from those who have already succeeded.

    “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Tony Robbins.

    I am sure your website is going to provide great to many and guide people in the right path.

    1. Of course, providing value and guiding people in the right path is what I’m working hard to achieve by building this website. Thank you for your positive comment on my post. I really love it.

  18. Hey Videgla, Thank you for writing your own story. I enjoy your story while reading and learn a lot from your story. Now I learn many things from your story. I provide you with in-depth reviews of email marketing software, page builders, tracking software and many more… so you can make an informed decision before you use any online tools. Your tools are awesome. Thank you.


    1. Thank you, Parveen. I’m happy you found value in my post. See you again.

  19. Larry Mitchell says:

    Hi Vickey. You are right is is difficult an can get discouraging trying to go it alone. You need a network of people to help you threw the maze. Another thing I found ther is no quick rich scheme unless you hit the lottery. You need to put the time and effort into it. Good to know there are those out there to offer help. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome, my friend! If you have any questions, leave them in the comment here and I will make sure to get back to you in no time.

  20. Rodarrick says:

    Great one to see here as I have learned immensely from your story and the growth of you. Wow! It is indeed true that anyone who desires a change must be willing to invest both money, effort and time to it. Thumbs up for sharing this here. Really worthy of a read.  The reason I read from people like you to learn about what drives you and your passion. Thanks

    1. Thank you, my friend. I really like your comment on my page. You can come back to this website any time you want.